Based in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Hamaka Inc. provides services related to private accommodations.
From cleaning services to management services, accommodations, and even hotels, saunas, and cafes in Okinawa.
Find your new travel style with Hamaka.

はまか | Accommodation management agency

Smooth operation of your private accommodation business. We support your operation. We provide full support from reservation management and cleaning to legal support. You can leave your private accommodations to us with peace of mind.

くくるクリーニング | Private Accommodation Cleaning

View SiteCleaning makes private accommodations more attractive. Provide your guests with a clean space with our professional cleaning services.
Let us help you increase satisfaction.

ぷふか | Accommodations

Feel the coziness of our Pufuka brand accommodations.
We value quality service and comfortable spaces.

森の巣箱 | Resort

Based in Okinawa, Mori Corporation operates hotels, saunas, and cafes.
We provide a comfortable place to enjoy a tropical resort experience.